Tribute to alma mater – Autumn at ISB

The sounds of music, the giggles and pranks ,

the self clicked pics of them shy and franks,

The sounds are low and the pranks not there

The lonely roads mark, end of a year….


The soulless quads, pool room is free

An empty atrium, and a clueless me !!!

Where have you gone, my dearest friends

With whom I roamed here hand in hands..


Some vehicles entered and left the place

They took all fun that filled this space

The vacant classrooms – they seem so dry

The lifeless campus now bids goodbye!!!


But it soon will fill with fresh new souls

some beaming faces will take these roles

The classrooms will get flooded again

with CP masters and sleepy brains..


The camera clicks will reach their high

The facebook page will go then live

The guest lectures and Harvard case,

Some desperate mails will flood e-space.


And life will build its pace again

as new ones walk down ISB lane….

The awesome buildings, roads and trees

Luxurious spaces , that one would see..


Ah!! That’s not what is ISB….

The lively souls – with mind so free

Who take this hard life for glory…

it’s they who make it ISB..

Its WE who make it ISB….


From the beginning..

(Caution : only for those who relate to Big Bang and metaphysics)

We were there, I remember, you and I.

We were next to each other as particles of pure energy

We vibrated together in sync, and started a communication

Though all other particles of universe were there too.

But we were together, as a union.


Bang! I saw all of us getting separated..

Sending frequencies of all sounds in the universe

Each finding, in the vast space, its way alone

I looked towards you to seek advice

But found that by then – you had gone.


From times immeasurable, I have tried to find you

Matching my own thoughts with all I found similar

Many were close, but were just not close enough

To resemble you, the sound with which I was familiar


And then one day, I found you, just near to me

But neither of us could recognize each other

But then we started communicating, the way we had done earlier

And we were soon into sync, our energies vibrating together.


But times have changed, and so have you

I accept that it is also my biggest mistake

The friend I had searched forever, I found in you

But I think… I am a little too late…

I look for you

I look for you

In the depth of my mind,

And in darkness of my heart,

When all the memories unwind.

And then when I look apart,

I can’t find you….


I look for you

In the lights of the city,

and in the vast countryside,

and my heart feels pity,

when my thoughts long ride.

But can’t find you


I love you by soul.

I love you dearly

Who can then console?

When I find out merely,

That I can’t find you.


But I’ll look for you

and I’ll look for you…till I find you!!


What use are of these eyes,

When I can’t see your beautiful face.


What use are of these ears,

they do not hear your soothing voice.


What use are of my hands,

for they cannot feel you, the beloved.


What use are of these selfish legs,

when they cannot take me to your place.


The sun rises and sets every day,

and the time passes by like that.

And I think, think and keep thinking…..

What use is of my body,

When it is more like a cage

for my lonely soul.

Loosing you..

I’ve been loosing you in parts


Some to my work, some to my ambitions

Some to my aimless thoughts and worthless traditions

Oh! I know it could be amusing you

That continuously, consistently, I’ve been loosing you


Relative is the loss or gain.

I contemplate what’s a good bargain

Profits are material, evident; losses conceal,

In life there’s nothing like a win-win deal.


Mind says- go ahead, but not the heart

B’cause it knows, that I’ve been loosing you in parts.  


I walked with a grey screen….Unaware.

And everything looked grey to me.

Grey people,

Grey emotions,

Grey intents, aspirations.

My dreams looked grey to me.          

All possibilities looked way too grey.

I wondered how it is happening,

Why everything has to be that way?   


All relations seemed gloomy,

With the same, monotonous, dull colour.

And not a trivial happiness could be seen,

Till a passerby asked,

“Hey, why are you wearing a grey screen?”


I took the screen off and watched.

The environment had its usual colours.

The bright green trees, the bright colours of life.

All creatures around me, everything looked alive.


Bright possibilities, flourishing dreams

Bright good people, conducive themes

Now I knew what happened all those days.

And then a bright smile landed my face.


I threw the screen and walked my way,  

A brighter way, that was free of ‘grey’!!!

Clouds and me..

A strange emptiness dawns over me

When I see these dark grey clouds around

Restlessly measuring the widths of sky

Filled overtly with forces abound.

Throwing their arms in all the directions

In search of a friend in the crowded space

Or, losing themselves to the plethoric force

That emerges within, wanting to escape.


The clouds are in sky, growling, moving,

Unable to bear the power within

The clouds are within me, creeping strangely,  

as unbearable forces somewhere deep in.

These forces often grow untamed and wild

As even a weird pain builds up strong


And I show up confused, as a lost child

Trying to seek help, finding way back home.

Sometimes the power grows astoundingly high

And drops of water would appear in my eyes

With lightning flashing and cutting their breast

I then behold these clouds’ loud cries


I search for a cause and a way for this force

I search for the guide who knows its course

I search for a light in my misty self

To guide my path before the lightning rebels.

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